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Entrepreneurs, managers or employees. Why is one entrepreneur more successful and the other one is not? Why does one employee make a career and another does not? What is the reason that one manager reaches his goals and another does not?


The direction is clear, why is one person successful and someone else not (yet). Each of them will encounter one of the following pitfalls. Pitfalls that easily can be avoided. But then you have to recognize them! Please, take the time to think about the pitfalls. Are they to some degree present in your (business) life?


Many people have a lot of trouble completing tasks. For whatever reason, even with sufficient resources, they do not finish anything. They have lots of good ideas, many trains starting, but none of them reach their destination. And the sole purpose of starting anything is the joy of accomplishment. If you don’t continue your plans, your deadlines shift or are not met, then you have something to think about. Is this concentration or discipline?

Don’t let go

Especially entrepreneurs and managers have the greatest difficulty in letting go. They have the feeling that they’re the only ones to perform a task to their standard. Even if this indeed is the case, this situation is not sustainable. It creates an enormous workload, where burnout could be of consequence. In addition you’re distracted from far more important issues. Fortunately there is a solution: You can learn to delegate!

You’re always right

You’re always right! Or do you find it difficult to admit a mistake? If you do not realize that, sometimes you are off target, you are missing a chance to learn. Making mistakes is in fact the first step to success.

Admit that you are wrong or ignorant. That is not bad at all! It is better for you, for your team or your colleagues (they will probably know anyway). If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

Your own answer

You asks questions but are not actually open to the answer. Everyone recognizes this. People who ask for an opinion but do not really listen to it. They are only interested if the answer confirms their own opinion. They are surrounded by yes-men. Wrong! You make a better decision if you’re open to other insights and honest perspectives.


There is always a reason not to move forward. Whether it’s the time of year, the economy, the market, a lack of resources or just someone else’s fault. It’s not hard, there is always a reason. But isn’t there really something else going on? Perhaps the lack of courage to take risks? The amount of pressure? Your involvement?

Everyone makes mistakes, only successful people have the ability to realize this themselves. Once accepted, you can work on personal change and take your next step forward!

Text: Wim Kweekel – Kweekel Advies & Training
Translation: Daniel Janus – Atumic Smart Marketing

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